Hello World.

Nice to meet you! I’m Ines, a UX/UI Designer with a background in software engineering based in Berlin, Germany.

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Recent Work

mockup of the first case study

UI, UX, Branding


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mockup of the second case study - 8fit family


8fit family

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mockup of the third case study - City Night Line

UI, UX, Branding

City Night Line

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mockup of the fourth case study - Kaus insurance

UI, UX, Branding

Kaus Insurance

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About Me

line art portrait of Ines Siebrecht
In the last nine years, I worked in various fields (if you ask IoT, Automotive aftermarket, Fashion, etc.) as a developer. But something was always missing - solving problems on a greater scale.

While developers constantly solve problems, work closely together with Product Owners, Designers, and other stakeholders, their creativity is often limited to technical aspects of product development. In UI/UX design, I found a way to look at problems more broadly, from different angles, if you will, to find the best solutions. I believe that every challenge can be overcome with great ideas and the right people to execute them.

Apart from work, I identify as an outdoorsy couch potato. I love to go on hiking and trekking adventures (where have you been? I'd love to hear about it and your gear), and in winter, I can't wait to snowboard. Still, a genuinely relaxing evening on my couch is hard to beat.

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